6 Big Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t make a big impact. In fact, with the right decorating decisions — from color choices to organization — a small bathroom can achieve maximum power in minimal space. How can you make the most of your little powder room, half bath or cramped main bath? What are the best ways to highlight the space you have in a small bathroom remodel? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at six of the biggest ideas for celebrating a small bathroom space:

  1. Scale down to save space. Nothing cramps a room faster than components that aren’t scaled to its size. Rather than working to barely fit in that large vanity that takes away any empty space in the room, install a pedestal sink, for example. Instead of using bathroom storage shelves to house all your linens, toiletries and other bathroom gear, see what you can store just outside the room. As much as possible, scale down in what you keep in a tiny bath. This will help you think more strategically about what you should include.
  2. Go big with your mirror. When you’re working with a bathroom layout that’s small, try incorporating a larger, wider mirror. Rather than a mirror that appears just over the sink, look for one that can extend the full width of the room. Install a mirror that goes all the way to the ceiling instead of one that stops a few inches short. This can help bounce more light throughout the room and create an illusion of additional space.
  3. Try white on white. Create a bigger, brighter feel in the room by incorporating bright, white colors everywhere you can. Choose white fixtures, paint white walls, lay white floors and pick white accessories, mixing up their individual patterns and textures as you like. Using a monochromatic color scheme makes the entire space feel cohesive instead of chopped into small sections.
  4. Consider a glass shower. Glass shower enclosures save you the annoyance of regularly swapping out shower curtains while also making the most of small spaces. By eliminating visual barriers and maximizing natural light, they give the illusion of a larger bathroom.
  5. Pick luxury components. When you like the look of a luxury bath without the luxury price tag, a powder room or tiny bath is the perfect place to start. Rather than buying a double vanity with white marble countertops, for example, you might be able to incorporate a smaller, less costly piece of marble into the room. Instead of paying for both a whirlpool tub and a glass-enclosed shower, you can focus on one that you trim out with bells and whistles of your choice. While it’s true luxury elements are expensive, it’s also true that buying fewer of them means spending less money.
  6. Create a focal point. A bathroom that’s low on space is the perfect place to pick one especially eye-catching feature and focus on it. Find bold wallpaper you like and decorate the walls with it. Splurge on that marble shower. Incorporate the intricate tile you love into an interesting floor design.

The beauty of a small bath is its potential for creativity. By thinking strategically about how to use the space, you can make your little bathroom feel bigger and more usable in the process. Have fun exploring possibilities using the six tips above!

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