Bathroom Remodel Mistakes To Avoid

Taking on a bathroom-remodeling project can be both exciting and daunting. As fun as it is to dream up a new design, you also might have to make dozens of decisions. In the midst of it, it’s all too easy to believe that those decisions are opportunities to make mistakes. You could order the wrong bathtub size, or end up with an improper sink installation, and each accident potentially could cost you time and money — not to mention headaches and hassle.

You can avoid these common bathroom blunders, by watching out for some of the biggest bathroom remodel mistakes. Being armed with this knowledge beforehand will help boost your confidence in building a better bath. Here are the mistakes to avoid:

  1. Fearing Commitment to a Theme. When you start a fresh remodeling project, you’re surrounded by possibility. That’s exciting. But if you don’t force yourself to narrow down those possibilities, you’ll end up with a hodgepodge bathroom or, worse, a bathroom that’s never done. Explore your options, but then narrow down the choices. Pick a cohesive idea for your bath, whether it’s nautical décor or white-on-white style, and let that shape the rest of your remodeling decisions.

  2. Ignoring the Importance of Colors. One of the biggest design decisions in any new space is its color scheme. Don’t make the mistake of worrying about color later. At the beginning of your project, decide what color scheme you want to use. This will affect everything from the floors you install to the fixtures on your sink.

  3. Minimizing Natural Light. At first glance, a bathroom without windows might not seem like a big deal, but you may feel differently later. No windows means giving up natural light as well as any sort of outdoors view. It means having to rely on artificial light. So if your bathroom doesn’t currently have a window, would it be possible to change that? Or if the window is tiny, could you expand it or add a skylight? Remember natural light is a great amenity, just as a luxury tub or heated floors can be.

  4. Not Adding a Fan. Whether or not you have a bathroom window, consider adding a bathroom fan. Regular showers and baths can steam up a bathroom quickly, and a fan prevents too much moisture from accumulating throughout the space.

  5. Forgetting about Flow. A big part of a good bathroom design is its flow. Where the vanity is in relation to the shower and how accommodating the space is to more than one person both are aspects that will affect how comfortable and usable the space feels. Likewise, think about how your new bathroom will fit the rest of your home. Will it be a natural extension of your style in the living areas, or will it feel like it doesn’t belong?

  6. Choosing the Wrong Sink or Tub. Even if you’ve always dreamed of a standalone tub, the fact is that not every tub works for every space. Your bathroom might fit a shower/tub combination best. The same goes for sinks. Before you order the wrong size vanity for your bathroom, think realistically about whether or not a pedestal sink might be the best fit for your tiny bath.

  7. Blowing the Budget. It’s as true for bathroom remodels as it is for any other home renovation project — you have to know your budget and stick to it. Don’t start buying for a $30,000 budget when you know you have $10,000 to spend. Set and stick to a specific amount, and avoid a mistake you’ll be paying for years to come.

  8. Making Small Mistakes at the End. It’s always easy to get lazy at the end of a project, but in terms of a bathroom remodel, this could mean big problems. Whether it ends up being an improper tub installation or an improper shower installation, stay alert to potential problems so you can catch them early and fix them fast.

  9. Overpaying for Fixtures. The range of prices on bathroom features and fixtures varies greatly. That’s why, when you don’t know the best resources for good prices, it’s easy to overpay. Turn to Modern Bathroom, the web’s best resource for factory-direct prices on everything from tubs to vanities to toilets. We give you free shipping, as well as a 110% money-back guarantee if you find anything we sell for a lower price within 30 days of your purchase. Shop our catalog to learn more!

Making the most of a bathroom-remodeling project is all about doing your research, paying attention and making one smart decision after another. Avoid the nine common mistakes above in order to make your project a success, and let Modern Bathroom help.

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