BillionToOne (YC S17) is hiring software engineers to advance genetic testing

BillionToOne is a YC Top Company ( that has the most advanced genetic tests in the world. Our proprietary DNA sequencing technology has enabled us to launch:

– The world’s first and only blood test to use pregnant mom’s blood to detect fetal diseases like sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis (

– The only prenatal test in the US for detecting fetal Rh blood type incompatibility (affects 15% of births)

– The first FDA Emergency Use Authorized COVID-19 test to run on high-throughput Sanger instruments (

In the coming years, we will also launch a cell-free DNA test for cancer detection and monitoring.

We’re looking to hire a few engineers to help us with a number of projects that are used by patients, physicians, and internal staff.

Our HQ is in Menlo Park, but engineering is fully remote (US based). Tech stack: Python/Django, PostgreSQL, React, etc.

Apply here:
– Frontend / Fullstack:
– Backend / Fullstack:

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