Keeper Tax (YC W19) Is Hiring a Full-Stack Developer in SF

There are 57M gig workers in the united states (ex: contractors, uber drivers, etc). We believe that every single one of them is overpaying on taxes. We’re building Keeper Tax to solve that problem and we’re looking for our second engineer.

What we look for:

– You have 2+ years React and Node experience. You can point to React and Node apps that you have shipped and that customers are using.

– You are a self starter. You can get stuff done without a significant amount of supervision. You find ways to unblock yourself. You find valuable work to do, and get work done quickly.

– You are a good communicator. If you get blocked, you talk about what you need. If you are frustrated about the code, you talk about what you need to do to fix it.

– You are creative. You are passionate about learning about the customer’s needs and coming up with creative solutions to address those needs.

– You want to join a seed stage startup. This is a high risk/high reward opportunity. We are a small team with a lot of work to do, and that type of environment excites you.

Compensation range:
$100-120K base + 0.5-1% equity

Examples of what you’ll be working on:
– Making bookkeeping more efficient and delightful on web and mobile
– Automating tax filing with web automation tools like Selenium
– Scaling up our data processing jobs

Our stack:
– web app: React/Redux
– mobile: React Native
– backend: Node/MySQL
– data processing: Python

Who you’ll be working with:
– Matt King
– Paul Koullick
– David Kang

KeeperTax by the numbers:
– 30% monthly growth
– $40M in tax savings found so far


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