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Makeswift | | Full Stack Engineer | Remote | Full-Time

At Makeswift we’re on a mission to build the best tool for creative minds to bring their ideas to the world. The concept is simple. Combine the experience of a buttery-smooth, elegant design tool with the infrastructure required to go to production. Instead of mocking up static images and prototypes, build production-ready websites out of live components. Working with React engineers? Reuse their work by integrating existing components directly into Makeswift. Our vision is to open up our APIs and foster a component ecosystem that will bridge the gap between developers and designers.

We’re hiring the first engineers outside of the founders following a 1.5M seed round. If you’re interested in working with a product led, early stage startup up against ambitious technical challenges, read more about the opportunity here:

Tools you’ll be working with: React, Node, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Typescript, PostgreSQL

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