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Medic | Sr. Software Engineer | Full-time | Global/Remote |

We’re a non-profit organization working to provide tooling for community health projects. Our team focuses on development of the Community Health Toolkit, which is a suite of open source components, but primarily an offline-first web application.

Here’s a quick list of some of the interesting aspects of our work:

– An offline-first mobile-first webapp. A lot of healthcare workers we serve may go multiple weeks without a network connection.

– Our software needs to be usable on underpowered hardware, which is common for those using it. Client-side performance improvements can make a big impact.

– We provide a platform that locally-customizable apps are built with. Backwards compatibility is critical as is careful thought for new capabilities.

As for the technical parts, almost all development is done in JavaScript and TypeScript. We’re using Angular 10 on the client and node on the server with Pouch/CouchDB for data storage and syncing.

If that all sounds like fun stuff to you, please read the full job description and apply!

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