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Looking for UX/Product Designers

Hello everyone!

I’m Noel. I saved some money and now I want to invest it in some personal projects during my free time.

I need people for:

– Creating logos

– Creating web UI/UX designs (with no user-research. I’ll do the user-research and I’ll just send you the pages/features that needs to be created)

– Writing good product descriptions or product speech (you know, explaining how a feature works, and “why you should pay for this product”)

It’s not gonna be a full-time job.
Every time I need to start a new project, I’ll send an email to a few of you, asking for how much time do you think it can take to finish the project (anyway, I’ll try to not work with fixed prices, but it will help to get a cost estimation).

If I choose you, I’ll send you a full detail of the pages/features that need to be created, and I’ll trust in your creativity and your UX experience, in order to create them. So, you are going to be responsible for defining the UX (more fun for you) with some input from my side.

So, if you can do some of those task mentioned above, send me an email to
Please, the email should contain:

– Your portfolio or any kind of work that you already worked on (please, don’t bother you sending a PERFECT portfolio. Just send something)

– How much time have you taken creating each of your portfolio projects? (Will be helpful to get some cost estimations)

– Your rate (USD per hour) (consider that I’m not a company. It’s just a couple of side projects)

Important: I’m not in a hurry with none of the coming project. I WILL NOT request things to be done “yesterday”. We’ll have time. The job is going to be chill out.

I hope to see you there!

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