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SEEKING FREELANCER | Boulder, CO | Remote | US Time Zone

Uplift is looking for a well rounded (primarily manual) QA technician with at least mid-level experience.

Requirements & Experience:

* Experience with the browser (Chrome, Firefox) console to find or log errors

* You love testing web and mobile apps, identifying bugs, and breaking things

* Consistently file detailed tickets with reproducible steps, proficient in English and technical jargon

* Experience with testing on mobile. Either simulator or real device. (Real device preferred.)

* Used JIRA extensively, and are familiar with Trello and GitHub.

* Tech-savvy and passionate.

* Experience with regression testing, exploratory testing, compatibility/cross platform testing

* Attention to detail in identifying UI discrepancies, misalignments, missing elements


* Freelance experience

* Experience with automated tests

* Interest in understanding the business use case behind the software

One of our core values is continuous learning: within the industry & from each other. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. If you’re self-sufficient, passionate & a good communicator, apply now!

Begin part-time and go from there.

#### To apply:

* Location and preferred working hours (US timezone required)

* Details about your relevant experience.

* Current & next 3 months of availability, range is OK. At least 8 hours a week.

* Before applying, please read:


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