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Fount | Head of Business Development | Charleston, SC (Remote within US possible) | Full-time Contractor | 100K to 150K | Equity

Fount, a software development collective, is looking for a new Head of Business Development. The duties primarily consist of prospecting and closing new clients for our small, but growing team of senior engineers.

– Source new clients seeking experienced software development. Negotiate with, close and retain clients.
– Evaluate all inbound prospects.
– Maintain direct communication with our development team to understand projects that are of interest. Keep current on our team’s availability and skills.
– Administer contracts and all payments.

Experience that could make you a great fit:
– You’re immersed in the startup and growth-stage tech scene. – You regularly see opportunities where our team could accelerate a company’s roadmap where they are on a short timeline, lack the right resources, or are unable to hire full-time employees.
– You’ve worked in venture capital and know a lot of funded companies that need help with growth.
– You’re familiar with the digital agency world or have a strong network of agencies that occasionally need more reliable and senior-level talent for projects.
Example, an agency handles visual design/creative for clients, but needs app development for a project.
– Your network includes midsize and large brands that don’t have the in-house tech talent available for one-off projects.

How we operate:
Email, Slack, Meet/Hangouts
The team is based in Charleston, SC but operates remotely with team happy hours every quarter.
We’re mostly asynchronous and always respectful of each other’s time. Bi-weekly, 30-minute all-hands meetings via Google Meet.

Commission only – Fixed percentage of the revenue from all paid contracts – with no cap. You’ll be the only business developer, but have the opportunity to grow the software development (and design) team, as well as your business development team. Further, our collective model has a transparent equity model. You’ll be on an ownership path.

Email jd {at } with your background or a link to it. We’ll set up a short call/hangout to see if you could be a fit.

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