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Prompt | Tech Lead | Remote (we’re based in NYC) | Full-Time |

We provide writing tutoring and feedback at scale to students around the world. Our small engineering team is responsible for software that has been used by high schools, education consultants, and our network of writing coaches to provide feedback on hundreds of thousands of essays.

Here’s the role: sling code, architect new systems, mentor junior engineers, and manage product as a tech lead on Prompt’s growing dev team. You will work directly with Prompt’s two technical co-founders and other engineers in a culture that includes clean code, extensive testing, rapid iteration, and the values you bring to the table. You will come to own one of our product lines, and will have the ability to contribute to multiple projects.

We use: Python/Django (with Django Rest Framework) on the backend; React/Redux via Typescript on the frontend. We also use Celery for distributed tasks, a slew of Twilio and Zoom APIs, GCP (mostly for data & analytics) and AWS (for all of our app hosting and other infra).

You can apply on Angelist:…
Or just email me directlY: jordan [at]

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