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iSDA | Head of Business Development | REMOTE / Africa |

iSDA is a mission-driven company bringing advanced technologies to the small farm sector in Africa. We harness the market in order to reach millions of farmers, and use the best science to maximize profitability for our clients and their farmers. Our current focus is to prove our business models through delivery of fertilizer advisory for low-income farmers, intermediated by local agents and based on technologies we have tested in Kenya and Ghana: handheld spectral soil scanners, and iSDAsoil, the first farm-level soil map of Africa.

We are looking for someone with diverse experience and a track record in the African private sector, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a history of building new business opportunities to deliver on our mission to improve the profitability of small-scale farmers.

We’re a remote-first team, the position is Africa-based and will involve extensive travel.

If you’re interested please take a look at a more detailed job description at or reach out with any questions.

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