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Lean Panda | Italy | Senior Developer | Full-time | REMOTE | GMT – GMT+2

Lean Panda (aka Cantiere creativo) is a digital agency founded in Florence, Italy but now permanently full remote.

We’re looking for a senior developer who wants to work in Elixir and Javascript. Senior for us indicates ability and behaviour, not experience 🙂

Our “full-stack” systems are made with Elixir Phoenix LiveView, or Serverless JS.
Our client-side only development is in React: React Web and React Native.

Apart from being an agency, we also create our own products. Team members spend time on both aspects of our business.

The need to know Italian is optional, but useful.

Our interview process is divided into a number parts:

* you provide a GitHub/GitLab/other profile and any other material that indicates what you can produce as a developer,

* we have a wide-ranging chat where we work out if you would work in our team, and you ask as many questions as you like about us,

* we pay you to do some real work on one of our projects followed by a review.

If you’re interested, contact me directly via my email in my profile.

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