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Square | Mobile Engineers (Mid/Sr levels) | ONSITE VISA San Francisco, CA

— Mission —

We believe everyone should be able to participate and thrive in the economy. So we’re building tools that make commerce easier and more accessible to all. We started with a little white credit card reader but haven’t stopped there!

— About the team —

Current team size: 4 iOS, 2 Android, 1 PM, 1 EM
Languages: Objective-C/Swift; Java/Kotlin

I’m one of the many hiring managers here at Square. My team, CDX (Connected Devices Experience), is searching for an Android engineer interested in platform, product, and/or low-level work (e.g. drivers, bluetooth, hardware). If you enjoy platform work that is consumer visible, I’d love to chat with you!

— Links —

We’re always open to new talent here at Square. If this role isn’t a fit, there are several others I’d be happy to refer you to other teams.

Our philosophy on growth as an engineer is available here:…

— Apply —

These are roles for my team and sister teams (mention CDX if you’re specifically interested):

• Mid-level Android Engineers:

• Senior Android Engineers:

• DM for other roles:

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