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Location: Milton, FL. USA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: After my dual-bach is done, Summer/Fall 2022

Technologies: x86/ARM/MIPS, C,C++,Java,Python , GDB/GEF/PEDA, IDA Pro/Radare2/Ghidra, familiar with data structures & algorithms. During my AA I did a Robotics Programming class so I’m familliar with Arduino, microcontrollers, and am currently teaching myself Lattice FPGAs with an upduino. Have also done two courses on Unreal Engine game dev with C++.

Currently focusing on the following projects:

1. learning more Reverse Engineering material with Dennis Yurichev’s book at 2. Learning React with “The Road to React” book to try to get into fullstack development. 3. Seeing what my Robotics University Group is up to with their projects.

Education: Have completed an AA in Computer Science, now currently a half-time Elec. Eng. / Comp. Eng. dual major student, pre-covid I used to do half-time tutoring for C++,Java,Python, and Mathematics for Pensacola State College over 1.5 years. Also previously at PSC I was the Exploit-training and Resource Officer where I would teach Cryptography and beginner Exploit-dev to students using .

Resume link:!Scott%20Butts%20R

Edit: Shortened link if that doesn’t work:

Linkedin: (I have articles, check ’em out!)

Github: (I have projects, check those out too! Currently helping a friend force a JRPG battle system into a Virtual novel framework called Renpy.)

Email: if you want to really get my attention, or

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