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Valx | Software and ML engineering, CFO | Budapest (will change) | Full Time

We apply deep learning to crypto trading (starting as a team of 2, now 5). We invested 50k of our own money in march 2020 and since made a return of more than 100x (x not %). We trade on binance futures, we are vip9 and do around 3-5% of volume there.
Our short-term goal is to scale up our trading systems. My long term goal is to create a lab for fundamental research in ML/AI, working in tandem with the trading entity. I founded Valx for the sole purpose of providing funding for the ML/AI lab.

We are looking for the following roles:

* Someone to talk to lawyers, accountants and write accounting software

* Someone to help us with trading infrastructure: integrating new exchanges or refactoring/rewriting our trading engine.

* (not as urgent, but will consider) ML/DL engineers

Prior experience working with exchanges is a big plus (classical finance, cefi or defi). We use python/pytorch for ML. We use AWS, javascript/ts/node (open to change it) for our trading engine.
We require that you can relocate in 6-12 months, new location is still not decided, most likely will be Singapore, maybe some other tech hub. Remote ok in the meantime.

We offer salary, equity and/or exposure in our trading systems (negotiable, after a trial period)

To apply, email me at b.crouzier [at] gmail [dot] com. Please include relevant past experience that you have.

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