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CERN ( | Database Engineer | Geneva, Switzerland | ONSITE

You will be working within the Electrical Power Converter Group, responsible for the
power converters for the whole CERN accelerator complex, and the Converter Controls
Software Section, which develops and supports the power converters control software and
databases for the SY-EPC Group. These range in power from a few Watts to 150MW and are
used to drive current through the magnets in the accelerators, transfer lines and experiments.
The magnets guide and focus the particle beams, so precise control of the currents is critical.

Your job would entail:

– Designing & maintaining relational Oracle databases;

– Expertise of Python and its popular libraries;

– Some experience in developing UIs using HTML, CSS and JavaScript;

– The ability to understand and speak French or the undertaking to acquire it rapidly;

– Experience with ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Studio, and C# would be an advantage.

Please apply here:…

(There is more detailed information about the job vacancy on the link above)

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