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[TBD – negotiating domain] | Designer who can code (node/python preferred)| LONDON, UK | Onsite, full time |

Hi, I’m Ray.

I founded Unmortgage, the new way to buy a home without a mortgage.

After securing a partnership with Allianz for an initial fund of £500m and also the largest seed round in Europe (probably ever) of £10m, I’ve stepped down as CEO to work on something new.

I have designed a new business that adds such value to people’s lives that they trust us for buying essential financial services: mortgages, insurance, high-Speed broadband.

I’m looking for someone to work side-by-side with me.

The goal is to be up-and-running within a few months and generating several million pounds worth of profit by this time next year.

I have several potential venture and private equity backers to help us grow, but I’m keen to get as far as we can bootstrapped.

There is additionally an opportunity to roll-up 7 existing businesses which generate over £1bn in revenue today. They would cost c.£200m to acquire. Hence lining up private equity.

Just to provide a flavour of my ambition.

Happy to chat and answer any questions – I tend to be an open book, as I find that is the best way to learn and build trust:

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