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Junior/Student Front-end Developer for Medical Project | Berlin, Germany | onsite /w WFH

We’re a young and diverse team with experience working together on contract jobs in the medical field. Now we’ve received funding to develop our own product. Our goal is to build a network-structured system to help medical workers in hospitals with their daily processes and routines.
A crucial aspect of this tool will be a clear and intuitive interface , so that doctors and nurses can save time in their daily work.

We want to hire someone to drive front-end development .
We’re looking for someone who can dedicate 60-80 hours per month to this project as a keypart of our team. Students are welcome!
If you’re interested in taking part in the UI design process then this is also a possibility.

You should be comfortable with at least HTML , CSS , and Javascript .
If you know any of the following that would be fantastic, but not essential: Clojure/Clojurescript, React, Fulcro
Regarding your exact profile, we’re flexible; we’d like to hear what your strengths, weaknesses and experiences are so we can see how you’d fit in.

What We Offer:
– Flexible working hours

– An office near U Amrumer Straße

– Fixed office days (when Corona regulations allow) with the option to work from home the rest of the week

– A stimulating working environment with meetups and knowledge sharing

– An interesting topic with a real-world use

– Above-average pay for a working student with experience

Does all this sound interesting? Then we’d love to hear from you!Just send us an email introducing yourself to and we’ll get back to you.

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