Screenleap (YC W12) is hiring engineers to build next-gen collaboration platform

Screenleap (YC W12) is hiring engineers to build next-gen collaboration platform

Screenleap ( is a screen share-first collaboration platform. We allow you to share your screen (installation-free sharing soon on all the major desktop browsers) and view from any web-enabled device without installing any software. We also allow developers to add screen sharing to their applications using our screen-sharing-as-a-service API. Our mission is to make screen sharing a hassle-free experience that just works across all devices.

We have built a product that users love and we need your help to make it even better! You will have the opportunity to work on a product used by millions of people, solve challenging technical problems, and make a meaningful impact on the company. In your role, you will continue to innovate on our screen sharing platform and turn it into a complete real-time collaboration platform (with real-time audio and judicious use of video). We are looking for generalists who are comfortable moving among various languages and technologies, including Go, JavaScript/TypeScript, C++, Java, and Rust.

We are seed-funded and profitable. You’ll be joining at an exciting time as we are growing rapidly (our monthly revenue has doubled in the last two months alone). We are a completely remote team with team members across many time zones. As a company, we value simplicity, creative solutions, and the ability to get things done. We offer a competitive salary, significant equity, matching 401(k), health insurance, and a flexible work schedule.


* B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience (proven ability matters more to us than degrees)

* Experience with Go, C++, Java, or Rust

* Ability to take complete ownership of projects, from conception to implementation


* Experience with full-stack real-time audio engineering (codec, AEC, GStreamer, TURN, etc.)

* Experience building low-latency and resilient distributed systems

* Experience with advanced browser APIs (WebRTC, WebAssembly, Worker, etc.)

* Experience building cross-platform Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS apps

* Experience writing automated tests for complex systems

* Experience with UNIX systems administration / DevOps / SRE

Interested? Please email us at jobs (at) Include your resume and links to projects you’ve worked on.

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