Tips For Remodeling The Basement Bathroom

Are you thinking about taking on a basement bathroom remodel? There are a lot of reasons it’s a good idea. With a basement remodel, you can extend your living space and increase your home’s value. Your basement bathroom remodel could improve your home’s selling power, not to mention give you the convenience and luxury of an extra, attractive bath. Before you put forth a big remodeling effort, however, make sure you think through the entire project. Whether you’ll be updating the bathtub, putting in a new shower enclosure or changing everything from the ground up, here are some key tips to remember.

  1. Know your budget. It’s as true of basement bathrooms as it is of any other part of your home — remodeling projects are notoriously more expensive than expected. Instead of going into the project waiting to see what things cost, decide upfront what you can and cannot spend. Shop to find the best deals on fixtures, using Modern Bathroom as an easy online resource for prices and deals.
  2. Pick a cohesive theme. The exciting thing about a remodel is the unlimited possibilities. At some point, however, you have to narrow your choices. To avoid ending up with a haphazard, subpar space, decide on a theme and stick to it. Maybe you’ll go with a certain color scheme, such as white on white. Maybe you’ll focus on a specific interest, such as a nautical theme or sports. Whatever the case, let that theme guide your design choices.
  3. Make the most of space. Whether you’re remodeling a tiny powder room or a large full bath, you can always make choices to expand the room’s sense of space. Use large mirrors to bounce more light through the room and create a larger feel. Instead of a traditional shower curtain, consider a glass shower enclosure that creates a seamless look. Incorporate lots of light. Use bright colors. If making the room appear larger is your goal, keep that in mind with all your choices.
  4. Explore sinks and showers. While a small room might benefit from a space-saving pedestal sink, a double sink vanity can add great functionality to a large bath. Explore the possibilities for different kinds of sinks and showers in order to pick the one that best suits your space.
  5. Be realistic about what you can handle. One of the biggest decisions in a remodel is trying to figure out whether to hire contractors or do it yourself. Before you assume one or the other is a better choice, look realistically at your capabilities, budget and availability. Will going DIY save you money, or will it possibly lead to mistakes and higher costs for repairs? Will taking on an extra project be fun, or will it overwhelm you in an already busy schedule? Be as realistic as you can about what you can handle.

When remodeling your basement bath, keep in mind that your new space doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to provide added value. If you want to opt for little luxuries and they fit your budget, great. But if you have to prioritize what’s most important, know that even a simple, clean, updated bathroom is a great feature. When working on your next bathroom project, use the tips above to guide your progress.

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